2016 Cheyenne Schools Foundation Grant Recipients

Click here to download the 2016 Grant Recipients in a pdf.

The Cheyenne Schools Foundation (CSF) awarded district teachers, students, and schools $25,630.72 during the October 17 Laramie County School District #1 Board of Trustees’ meeting. This included 11 Student Enrichment grants totally $10,978.94 and six Excellence in Education grants totally $14,651.78.

The funds from these grants will be used by classroom teahcers in the 2016-2017 school year for curriculum enrichment and unique classroom programs which are outside of the district’s normal budget. The goal of the projects are to develop students’ skills and create a passion for learning that will last a lifetime.

Proceeds for the grants came from local bhusinesses, participants in the Foundation’s 20th Annual Walk/Run, and the LCSD#1 employees’ payroll deduction program.

Excellence in Education sponsors are Taco John’s International, Kohl’s Department Stores, and First Education Federal Credit Union. Student Enrichment sponsors are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming, Blue Federal Credit Union, Carleton Family, Hickey and Evans, and McGee, Hearne and Paiz.

2016 Excellence in Education Grants

“Charmed I’m Sure”          Rossman Elementary          Wanda Frank          $3,000.00
“Charmed I’m Sure” will provide, encourage, and demonstrate manners and etiquette to improve cafeteria environment and overall social skills. Improved social skills have been shown to increase academic success. This project will motivate students’ good manners with a traveling trophy, collectible charms, certificates and well-dressed tables for our cafeteria.
Sponsor: Kohl’s Department Stores

Eyes and Ears for Deaf/Hard of Hearing          Arp Elementary          Jennifer Trujillo         $1,573.80
The purpose of this project is to encourage peer interaction, communication, cultural awareness, friendships, and togetherness among D/HH students who are educated separately throughout the district. In addition, community involvement is encouraged to provide interaction with the Deal Community and families of D/HH infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.
Sponsor: LCSD#1 Employees

Community Robotics          Triumph Highschool          Dr. Michelle Aldrich          $2,999.98
This grantw ill increase our fledgling robotics program with additional equipment, a competitive game area, and VEX materials necessary to increase the number of participating students. With the additional items we will be able to host city, regional, and state competitions, thus increasing student opportunities for scholarships and experience.
Sponsor: Taco John’s

21st Century Learning Through Technology Integration          Jessup Elementary
Barbara Leiseth          $2,299.00
Technology must be integrated throughout our school to enhance learning, communication, and collaboration between educators, students, families, and the community at large. We believe students deserve to be academically prepared for their future, a world of digital technology and information. Twenty-first century education requires technology integration through the educational program.
Sponsor: First Education Federal Credit Union

Have A Seat          Dildine Elementary          Jessica Schnell          $2,868.00
Learning and innovation go hand-in-hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow (Polland). This project embraces differentiated instruction. “Have a Seat” is an alternative seating lending closet that provides options for students and teachers, facilitates a sense of ownership, and supports engagement.
Sponsor: Kohl’s Department Stores

Art-Sci Integration          Prairie Wind Elementary          Kerry Peterson          $1,911.00
Art-Sci Integration is designed to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of science and art. Local artisan, Maura Jacobson, and University of Wyoming student Victoria Hollingsworth, will worth with students and myself on projects chosen to help students make meaningful, creative connections between the process of science and the natural world.
Sponsor: LCSD#1 Employees

2016 Student Enrichment Grants

Community Connections for Environmental Literacy          Central High School
Kim Parfitt         $989.00
AP environmental science students and community environmental professionals will epxlroe complex tests through conversation and collaboration. In book club-like groups, students will extend their thinking about environmental issues beyond the textbook. Texts can be used by Honors and General Biology students to fulfill ecology standard.
Sponsor: Blue Cross Blue Shield

Techno-Tools: Learning Through Active Engagement          Sunrise Elementary          Debbie McCann         $1,000.00
The goal of this project is to make my classroom a one-to-one technology classroom. Using technology increases the students’ active engagement. Students will use the Venues to work on projects that will give them experiences with using various apps while integrating language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.
Sponsor: Carlson Family

Bring Back Life-Long Readers: Creating Choice & Culture          Central High School
Katie Decker         $1,000.00
Somewhere between elementary and high school many studnets lose their love of reading. By providing choice and class time, this project will get students reading again. Having a strong collection of literature ink the classroom is imperative to create this culture of readers. Let’s get books in their hands again!
Sponsor: LCSD#1 Employees

Differentiated Math in a Standards-Based Classroom          Goins Elementary
Katie Dijkstal         $1,000.00
This grant will provide materials to facilitate a differentiated math program in two separate Title 1 second-grade classrooms. This program will allow students at different learning levels to receive individualized instruction, practice and support in areas of computation, measurement, algebraic thinking and operations, geometry, and fluency. Using these provided materials, students will have engaging, hands-on, and differentiated opportunities to practice and master their math skills.
Sponsor: McGee, Hearne and Paiz

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