2017-2018 Grant Winners

Over $37,000 Donated to LCSD1 for 2017-2018 School year

2017 Excellence in Education Grants
($3,000 maximum)

Visiting Abstract Native American Artist – James Temte
This project will bring working artist, James Temte, to two schools for five days to work making art with students. James will discuss his artistic background, influences, and artistic style. A parent and community event will be held where James will share more about his art.
Freedom Elementary, Abigayle Paytoe Gbayee, $3,000.00
Sponsor: Kohls

Promoting 21st Thinking Skills Through Robotics
We will promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the use of robotics! Students will learn how to use hands-on programming skills to build and direct their own robots. These robots will be used in conjunction with STEM activities to solve problems, create obstacles, and work collaboratively.
Goins Elementary, Katie Dijkstal, $2,941.91
Sponsor: First Education Federal Credit Union

SNAP 2 IT (Students Need Access 2 Projects in Integrated Technology)
SNAP 2 children will participate in observing and collecting science integrated information about the world using a hands-on approach to learning and technology to motivate them to add detailed thinking to the writing process as well as be motivated to read fluently.
Lebhart Elementary, Angela Kinsolving, $1,117.00
Sponsor: Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Coding Our Way into the Future
Computer Science drives innovation in our world. Therefore, Computer Science has become a foundational skill that we are barely touching the surface on in the elementary classroom. Students need the opportunity to learn about coding, how to build and design apps and other Computer Science related topics.  By providing specific instruction from code.org and getting students on computers, we are able to meet this foundational need.
Sunrise Elementary, Kathleen Schwab, $3,000.00
Sponsor: The Carlton Family

Project Spark – Creating a STEM Lab and Library
The project is two-fold: create a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) lab and Makerspace and lending library that can be utilized by all classrooms at our school and connect students with community members working in a STEM field as well as STEM resources available in our community.
Anderson Elementary, Rachael Crawford, $3,000.00
Sponsor: LCSD1 Employees

Shoot the COSMOS with OSMOS – Photography & Video Projects
Students will use handheld OSMO cameras and cellphone holder to capture activities around school. The will take videos and photos to showcase individuals in sports, arts, club. Videos will run on broadcast program and in Storey Gym as promos; photos will add to newspaper and yearbook banks.
East High School, Terri Brantz, $2,895.00
Sponsor: LCSD1 Employees

Coding with Legos
With the WeDo robotics kits, students will enhance their 21st Century Standards skills with hands-on standards-based projects. They will build, code and modify projects using the robots. As they collaborate in science, technology, engineering and math, they will become more confident to ask questions, define problems and design solutions.
Pioneer Park Elementary, Amber Dent, $3,000.00
Sponsor: Taco John’s International

Revolving Veteran’s Day Painting
Two teachers elect four students per year to contribute large-scale Veteran’s Day paintings for the community and the Veteran’s Day Assembly at South High School. The goal of the program is to donate paintings on a revolving basis for all Veteran establishments in the Cheyenne Community.
South High School, Kerri Gentry, $2,600.00
Sponsor: LCSD1 Employees

2017 Student Enrichment Grants
(maximum $1,000)

Interactive Mathematics
Students will use inquiry projects, interactive applications, and dynamic graphing software to deepen their understanding of mathematics. Students will be able to utilize technology to complete group projects, investigations, and function analysis by interacting with mathematics, their peers and the teacher.
East High School, Amy Kassel, $1,000.00
Sponsor: Blue Federal Credit Union

Continuing Community Connections for Environmental Literacy
Building on the success of last year’s environmental book clubs that had a professional from the community act as a mentor, I would like to add indigenous cultural knowledge and fire science readings. Shifting reading levels and tripled class size require additional and varied texts. Labs materials complement the book club.
Central High School, Kim Parfitt, $737.00
Sponsor: Hickey & Evans

Library for Language Learners and Literacy
This project will have students participating in a free-reading program via the French classroom using level-appropriate, French-language readers to increase their literacy skills, support second language fluency, and promote a life-long reading habit.
Carey Junior High, Kelly Vazis, $1,000.00
Sponsor: Cheyenne Schools Foundation Board

Reading with Understanding in the World Language Classroom
Students learn language best when they understand what they read. World language teachers at our school wish to purchase classroom libraries of novellas that target lower-level language learners. Our goal is to make reading accessible and thereby increase language learning and student engagement.
Central High School, Katy Brammer, $1,000.00
Sponsor: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming

Programming Fashion
Students will use basic programming skills to program Arduinos and Raspberry Pi Computers to interact with circuits connected to lights sewn into pieces of clothing.  The led circuits, embedded in the clothing, will be able to flash, appear in different colors and even illuminate to the beats of music.
Meadowlark Elementary, Kirsten Rief, $1,000.00
Sponsor: McGee, Hearne & Paiz

Multicultural Library
The purpose of the multicultural library is to engage students with diverse characters, topics, and cultures in books. I want all of my students to understand that no matter what part of town they live in, the color of their skin, their language, their socio-economic status, disability, gender, religion, and/or cultural background, they have what it takes to be successful, take pride in who they are, and they deserve to be treated with respect.
Henderson Elementary, Lydia Bustos, $900.00
Sponsor: The Carlton Family

Digital Portfolios
Students will be tracking their growth this year through the use of digital student portfolios in a OneNote notebook maintained by each student and shared with parents. Photographs, digital scans or projects and assessment will be kept for reference throughout the year.
Meadowlark Elementary, Heather Norgauer, $1,000.00
Sponsor: The Carlton Family

Literature for Life
Our goal is to provide enrichment reading opportunities for upperclassmen who want to read advanced material and discuss their literature with others.
South High School, Suzanne Skaar, $1,000.00
Sponsor: Cheyenne Area Businesses

Leveled Book Sets
We are seeking funds to purchase leveled book sets for our beginning readers. Our current leveled book sets are outdated and missing numerous copies. We want to purchase high interest books that will engage and excite our youngest readers and ignite their passions for reading.
Deming Elementary, Reana Pacheco, $1,000.00
Sponsor: Cheyenne Area Businesses

Math is Everywhere
A project to help change our conversations and attitudes about math by creating an immersive, math-rich environment to foster student-curiosity in math.
Anderson Elementary, Rachel Crawford, $1,000.00
Sponsor: Run for #1 Participants

Listening is Learning
We would like students to be able to listen to history videos during social studies, participate in math tutorials and games, listen to their own writing, and listen to fluent reading and record their own reading to become fluent. With headphones, multiple students can work simultaneously.
Alta Vista Elementary, Brandie Barkee-Gay, $1,000.00
Sponsor: Run for #1 Participants

The Day the Crayons Quit Collaboration
The Day the Crayons Quit will be read by the librarian. The art teacher will teach observational drawing of crayons in the classroom and perhaps help with costumes/set design for the musical designed after a book. The classroom teachers would use The Day the Crayon Quit as a mentor text for writing a narrative or writing a letter.
Buffalo Ridge Elementary, Kayla Horning, $631.02
Sponsor: Run for #1 Team Captains

Coffee Cart Café
We would like to have students create a coffee cart that they will then maintain throughout the school year. Students will serve coffee and snacks to teachers during their planning time, learning the art of conversation, how to take an order, make change and follow multiple-step direction.
Alta Vista Elementary, Alison Paniagua, $500.00
Sponsor: Cheyenne Schools Foundation Board

Run for #1 Participation Awards

  • The schools with the highest percentage of student participation were Deming/Miller Elementary, McCormick Junior High and Triumph High.
  • The schools that raised the most money were Dildine Elementary, Johnson Junior High and East High.They will receive $500 each for these accomplishments.

Groups providing services for the Run for #1

  • East High and Central High ROTC, East High, Central High and South High Cheer Squads and the Central High Drumline will receive a total of $1,100 for services they provided during the Run for #1.

The CSF Board thanks everyone that helped make this a record year for attendance at the Run for #1 and for grants awarded. It could not have been done without the support of our community.