2018 – 2019 Grant Winners

Over $15,000 Donated to LCSD1 for 2018-2019 School year

2018 Excellence in Education Grants
($3,000 maximum)

AVID College Trips
AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a college-prep elective class offered in grades 7-12. The program prepares students performing in the academic middle and who may be first-generation college students to be accepted in a four-year university. Visiting college campuses is an invaluable experience for students to visualize their goal.
Johnson Junior High School, Chris Griffin
Sponsor: Microsoft

Radio and Podcast Project
After listening to Wyoming made podcasts (HumaNature and Out There) as well as meeting some voices of Wyoming Public Radio (Caroline Ballard and Erin jones), students will make use of recording equipment to create podcasts and projects that apply rhetorical and narrative English skills in a real-world setting
East High School, Charles Fournier
Sponsor: First Education Federal Credit Union & LCSD1 Employees

Fun with Strums – Ukulele Project
Ukuleles offer students a hands-on, practical, and lifelong musical experience. The skills learned with a beginning instrument like ukulele can easily transfer to the more advanced guitar as the students grow. Students would learn the basics of tuning and reading and playing chords; through various styles of music.
Arp Elementary, Monica Huntington
Sponsor: Taco John’s International

2018 Student Enrichment Grants
(maximum $1,000)

Diverse Learners in Literacy
Students will use inquiry projects, interactive applications, and dynamic graphing software to deepen their understanding of mathematics. Students will be able to utilize technology to complete group projects, investigations, and function analysis by interacting with mathematics, their peers and the teacher.
Sunrise Elementary, Sarah Lenhart
Sponsor: The Carlton Family

No-No Boy Project
Building on the success of last year’s environmental book clubs that had a professional from the community act as a mentor, I would like to add indigenous cultural knowledge and fire science readings. Shifting reading levels and tripled class size require additional and varied texts. Labs materials complement the book club.
East High School, Charles Fournier
Sponsor: McKee, Hearne & Paiz

Growing String Program in a Title School
This project would purchase string instruments that would be reserved for use by students at the Title School. These students are unable to obtain a suitable instrument through other means.
Alta Vista Elementary, Amy Lenell Ledwith
Sponsor: Kohls

Literature for Life
Our goal is to provide enrichment reading opportunities for upperclassmen who want to read advanced materials and discuss this literature with others.
South High School, Suzan Skaar
Sponsor: The Carlton Family

International Student Connections
Teachers from multiple disciplines in our district have developed relationships with three schools in France and Turkey. Eighteen middle and high school classes will exchange quarterly letters with international pen pals, developing their foreign languages skills, passions for and awareness of other countries and cultures and interpersonal writing ability.
Central/South/Carey/Johnson/McCormick, Sarah Evans
Sponsor: ANB Bank

Breakout EDU.
Breakout EDU is the immersive learning games platform. With Breakout EDU kits, you can turn your classroom into an academically-focused escape room and facilitate games where players use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open the locked box. Games are available for all ages and content areas. (Breakoutedu.com)
Saddle Ridge Elementary, Lindsey Born
Sponsor: Blue Federal Credit Union

Songwriting Workshop
A guest artist will conduct a songwriting workshop with students. The artist will instruct students on the musical elements, lyrical/poetic significance, text painting, and importance of word choice in music. Students will then apply this instruction to create their own piece of music.
Carey Junior High School, Emily Peterson
Sponsor:  Hickey & Evans, LLC

STEM:  Building Bridges and Flying Airplanes
Students will practice grade-level academic skills through high-interest lessons and activities. Teachers involved will delve deeper into Common Core State Standards by planning an engaging and collaborative unit. Students will also practice hands-on problems solving and critical thinking skills using scale Bridge and Airplane models.
Goins Elementary, David Gonzales
Sponsor: Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Wyoming

Run for #1 Participation Awards

  • The schools with the highest percentage of student participation were Deming/Miller Elementary, McCormick Junior High and Triumph High.
  • The schools that raised the most money were Dildine Elementary, Johnson Junior High and East High.They will receive $500 each for these accomplishments.

Groups providing services for the Run for #1

  • East High and Central High ROTC, East High, Central High and South High Cheer Squads and the Central High Drumline will receive a total of $500 for services they provided during the Run for #1.

The CSF Board thanks everyone that helped make this a record year for attendance at the Run for #1 and for money raised. It could not have been done without the support of our community.